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What is BrowserQuest?

BrowserQuest is a multiplayer game inviting you to explore a world of adventure from your Web browser.

This demo is powered by HTML5 and WebSockets, which allow for real-time gaming and apps on the Web.

Learn more about the technology

BrowserQuest is available on Firefox, Chrome, Safari as well as iOS devices and Firefox for Android.

Grab the source on Github
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You are dead...

Your browser cannot run BrowserQuest!

We're sorry, but your browser does not support WebSockets.
In order to play, we recommend using the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

How to play

  • Left click or tap to move, attack and pick up items. Hold SHIFT to attack another player.
  • Press ENTER to chat.
  • Your character is automatically saved as you play. The blue line on the right is your exp bar.

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