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Thunmik Shooter

The classical game Space Shooter,but with thunderbirds instead of spaceships, and a mysterious man in a  black cloak with superpowers.Who is he?See MONCENIA Super Dungeon to find out.

MONCENIA Super Dungeon

So...I assume that you've been wondering who the man in the black cloak from Thunmik Shooter is?Well you finally find out in this awesome platformer game!Battle monsters, fall while dodging obstacles, and after you beat it, discover the man in the cloak!

Like an ordinary tank game, but with new characters, effects, and more!You play as the character Alpha, and destroy enemies!
Magic Platforms demo version
You are a wizard seeking adventure, and you've found it!In this demo for the soon-to-come platformer game Magic Platforms by RadioActive Gaming, you'll find instructions laying out the controls, and also several spells, including the GHOST SPELL you will unlock at the end.May have fall-through-the-bottom-of-the-world glitches.